Hyper Speed Downloads

Enables 5Mbps to 45Mbps download speed to load last mile infrastructure.

Search Engine Integration

Users can see what data is available at their locality. P2P module speeds up the peer-to-peer traffic. It increases user download speed tens to hundred times. It is based on the fact that majority of the Internet traffic today consists of user-to-user connections rather than server-user. This is called peer-to-peer traffic which is between 50% and 60% in India. P2P module monitors the Internet traffic and when P2P traffic is detected between ISPs network and Internet it is diverted within the ISPs network if the desired data is already found there. This means that 50%-60% of international P2P traffic which corresponds to 20%-30% total Internet traffic will be served locally. P2PA system facilitates ultra-fast transfer between users and therefore users experience transfers with much higher speed than their Internet connection. For example to download 1GB of traffic through Internet may take 6-10 hours but the same transfer with 20Mbps peering speed will just take few minutes. This is a major competitive factor against all traditional broadband technologies which are limited to an average of 2Mbps.
By delivering an immerse video experience to the consumers while maintaining high quality of all other network services, we improve subscriber satisfaction and prevent customer dissatisfaction. By serving video content from the cache engine, we substantially reduce start-up times, eliminate buffering delays, and deliver video in the highest available fidelity even in the most congested network conditions , making viewing online video a consistently enjoyable and consistent experience for the consume.

Priority Traffic

In network congestion time Skype, VPN, WEB and other important traffic works fine. A very unique DPI feature is the real-time traffic (voice, video, web browsing) prioritization. During peak hours if internet bandwidth is not enough, the system will give priority to VIP traffic and using more local resources to compensate the network congestion. Therefore the users experience very high quality Internet even if upstream channel is full.

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